Banning of Recreational Drugs Act

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Banning of Recreational Drugs Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill

Preamble: This bill aims to illustrate the social evil posed by the continued use of non-prescribed recreational drugs and seeks to encourage proper enforcement of the use of said drugs. For the purposes of this bill, the term "drugs" does not include either alcohol or tobacco, as these are to be the subject of separate bills.

Clause 1: The Liberalian State dismisses the use of recreational drugs as irresponsible and dangerous to society. We condemn the affects which these substances have upon the vulnerable and the poor, and abhor the levels of crime caused by the use of said substances. While we recognize that not all drug-users are addicted to their preferred substance, we maintain that all are engaging in irresponsible and potentially dangerous activities. Therefore, we reaffirm our intention to ban this menace from our society.

Clause 2: A new Liberalian agency, known as the "Liberalian Narcotics Police" will be responsible for catching and detaining those found in possession of recreational drugs. They will be responsible for efforts region-wide for preventing the spread of the narcotics trade. They will be engaged in the continued fight against organized crime, and will be granted the ability to freeze assets, seize property, and close premises in their investigations. They will be the weapon with which the state fights back.

Clause 3: The implementation of more stringent border controls will be brought in by the regional government. This will include the use of the most recent scanning technology, as well as the searching of all large goods vehicles entering Liberalian nations.

Clause 4: The government will approve a wide-reaching educational program explaining the problems associated with drug use and their wider effects upon society. This program should include the giving of resources to teachers to implement effective drug-education lessons in their schools, a comprehensive advertising campaign on various media outlets, and the appointment of Drug Education Officers to oversee the distribution of leaflets, and government promotional material. The nature of this has already been outlined in the Substance Abuse Awareness Campaign Act. We wish to build upon this firm foundation.

Clause 5: The government will provide incentives to the growers of said recreational drugs in the poorer nations of Liberalia to encourage them to produce alternative crops. These incentives will be followed up by force, should the producer fail to comply. In this way, poverty will no longer be the cradle of the narcotics industry.

Clause 6: The State government of Liberalia will increase the minimum sentence for Drug Dealing so that it is comparable to the sentences for murder in the respective nations of Liberalia. This will send a clear message of the severity of this offense to all who reside in this region.

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